This blog is a work in progress on my efforts to answer the following question:
What is learning?

To improve our understanding of the impact of learning and acquiring knowledge I propose a framework that includes the constructs of get data, assimilate information, realize knowledge, and achieve wisdom. Each of these constructs is then associated with a different type of learning. I further argue that wisdom is an important, albeit missing, construct in the knowledge-based world. A key to true wisdom is judgement and decision making, which requires an understanding of the complexity of a situation, but also requires the ability to make sense and simplify so that action can be taken. Three important drivers for the development of wisdom are experience, a passion to learn, and spirituality.
It is certainly hard to define what “Learning” truly means.  Everyone learns at different speeds, in different ways.  We cannot even assume that the same kinds of learning processes are involved when we learn to read the alphabet, use a knife & fork for the first time or use the latest gadget like the iPhone.
What happens when a person tries to learn reading for the first time, like my young daughter Marium, she started with phonetics the basis on which sounds are formed.  From there she started putting words together, then moved on to pronouncing full words to reading a complete sentence and now she can read a full book with ease.  All this took some time but the pace at which she achieved all this was amazing and her ability to remember and recognize the words really alerted me to one fact which as grown-ups we tend to overlook and that is – a clear focused approach to learning.
In this blog I will be addressing some of my own research into how we learn, understand and retain new knowledge.  I will use various tools like Books, Video  and Articles to detail the concept of Learning and Knowledge.  I will try to answer some the most common questions:
  1. How do we learn?
  2. Can we learn and retain more information?
  3. Is Fast Reading possible?
  4. Vitamins and Minerals to increase Brain Power?
  5. Are there any Fast learning methods?
  6. What are the best methods to retain more information?